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I’ve stated before, I’m not a terribly political person. I get most of my news from a combination of the Today Show and the Daily Mail (out of the UK), so I’m generally lucky to have any sort of clue about what is going on in the world, and certainly politically in the US.

Also, I don’t like starting political arguments. I can barely deal with the level of energy needed to keep up with comments on my Daniel Tosh entries (see here and here).  Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and no amount of arguing, shaming or bullying will change what someone believes.

For the record, my political tendencies are pretty far to the left.  In the last election, I was massively pro-Hilary. I think that woman is a genius and I love how tough she is.  When she lost the primary to Obama, I was not sad, and pretty quickly was swept up in the tidal wave that was Barack Obama love and admiration. I love the ideas of hope and change that came out of his campaign. Having been a hater of W, I just wanted someone different, and it seemed Obama was pretty much as different as you could get.  I was elated when he won, and I think he’s done a pretty good job with the steaming pile of poop he had been left with. There was no way anyone on earth could have set this country straight in four years.  He’s done admirably, especially when you consider the level of opposition he’s been getting from Conservatives in DC.

I digress, and perhaps that was just too political to write. Anyway, my point in saying all of that is, I am thrilled and honored to cast my vote for President Obama in the upcoming election.


Being a registered Democrat, and having had the same Hotmail account since I graduated college in 1997, I get a lot of junk mail, and somehow have ended up on the email list for the Democratic National Party.  They are out of control right now. Apparently, President Obama is in the position of being the first incumbent in history who will be outspent by his opponent for the election. Meaning, Mitt’s people have way more money, and more money means more influence with all the campaigning and ads and stuff they need to do to gain support.  I have been getting at least one message a day from these people essentially pleading for donations. It’s getting awkward.

The kind of funny part is that the emails are “from” people like famous Senators, VP Joe Biden, Michelle Obama, or even President Obama himself.  My favorite are Obama’s emails, because it is clear that someone related to their campaign in PR has decided to capitalize on his “coolness” factor; his emails often have subject lines like, “Hey”, and one was actually signed “B”.  Seriously.

I don’t contribute a lot to politics – I’ve never been in much of a financial position to do so. But as part of these Democratic Party emails, I got one “from” Sarah Jessica Parker. She was hosting a fund raising dinner at her place in New York, and by making a contribution, you were entered to win a spot at that dinner, with all sorts of celebrities and political figures. They’d just had one in LA at George Clooney’s place a few weeks before (my good friend, who oversees special events, was at Clooney’s house the entire week leading up to it, and was there the night of the event; I will never stop being jealous).  Needless to say, I didn’t win a trip to NYC and dinner at SJP’s house.  If I had, surely you would have heard about it by now. But I had donated $25 or some other modest amount to the cause, which I should feel proud about, but maybe it wasn’t enough to exempt me from the onslaught of harassment I would subsequently receive.


Maybe donors who contribute thousands are treated with a little more subtlety?  It has almost started to feel like a cry for handouts, and it generally makes me feel guilty because I love President Obama and I want him to have another four years in office, but certainly me chipping in another $8 (today’s request) or even $25 isn’t going to make a difference?  I guess if everyone thought like that, where would we be?  With Mitt Romney for president and a few of us looking to emigrate to a Caribbean island.  So, unless you want to join me in the Caribbean to escape the reign of President Romney, perhaps you too will want to make a contribution to the Obama campaign – you can do so here.  Otherwise, I’ll let you know what island we land on and we can all start a commune.  Everyone will have a job, and healthcare will be free provided you are ok with me administering Advil, and you can get on board with my family’s philosophy of “alcohol kills germs.”

Our new home?


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