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Two artisans who’s work I respect, nay, treasure are the title of this post.  The reason they are so linked is not my doing but hers.  So far this season ’30 Rock’ (easily the best show on TV now and possibly the best show on TV ever) has made two passing jokes about the former Celtic legend.

Initially, in the episode where Tracey is diagnosed with (this is really hard to say) diabetes he reacts by claiming that the disease is a “white person’s myth, like Denver or Larry Bird”.  

Then this week, in what was seemingly an episode made exclusively for me and the rest of the guys named Sean living in the 617, Jack gets a text from his Boston-born love interest showing “the female Larry Bird” holding hands with someone.

Now these two instances don’t necessarily establish a pattern…until you watch ‘Parks and Recreation’ which I typically don’t.  Except last week.  And there it was, behind Amy Poehler’s desk: a picture of Larry Bird.

What gives?  Needless to say, it would not be difficult for me to link Poehler and Fey into some sort of comedic axis of hilarity and thereby connect the two in Bird-joking collusion.  But the burning question is: why?  

(The case of Ms. Poehler is more understandable given that she grew up ten minutes outside of Larry Bird’s Boston in those halcyon days)

Bird retired from basketball in 1992, meaning that he hasn’t been on the national  stage since I was in high school.  So this is analogous to an extremely topical show doing more than one joke about “Right Said Fred”.  Or referencing an episode of ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ twice.  Or…you get the point and my wife just told me to put my yearbook away.

I guess my point is not that I’m upset about this (only one of the three Bird-mentions are derogatory) just that I think it is odd that Larry Bird have become such a comedic touchstone at this time and this place.  I am left wondering how (is Tina Fey writing these jokes herself?) and why?

Any help?


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Rather than having lots of bitchy and whiny entries on this thing, I decided to try to also write about stuff that is fun and makes me laugh (although, honestly, I do have a lot more to say when I’m bitching. That can’t be good).  That led me to think about this sketch from Saturday Night Live.

In general, I’m a huge fan of Jon Hamm – Mad Men is one of my favorite shows.  But who knew he had such a gift for comedy?  His stints on 30 Rock were hilarious (the visual of him unsteadily driving down the street on his motorcycle still cracks me up), and he was surprisingly impressive when hosting SNL

Anyway, when you first watch this sketch, you will think it’s stupid.  But let it sit for a while.  It is eight months later and I will randomly remember this and laugh out loud.



PS: Apparently I am a moron and cannot figure out to embed a video in an entry, which is why you’re getting a link instead.  I will learn some day.

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