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After lamenting for months about not being busy at work, things have picked up and I have been quite busy indeed, which is why I haven’t written an entry in over a month (plus it was the holidays).  Because I have been busy, I haven’t had the cerebral organization to come up with a coherent blog entry, so instead I am just going to bullet point some random thoughts I’ve been having, mostly about current events.

  • Gun Control:  I’ve stated before how left wing I am.  I think we have a gun problem in this country, and that is not said in an attempt to take away anyone’s 2nd amendment rights.  An amendment which was written with muskets in mind so citizens could defend themselves against an invading army in the 18th century, but never mind that.  NO ONE IN THIS COUNTRY NEEDS AN ASSAULT RIFLE.  No one. There is absolutely no reason. Did you know that one of the little boys who died in the Newtown massacre had the bottom half of his face blown off? Can you imagine the terror of a 6 year old child as that happens to him? Or the terror of the children around him watching it? It is the sickest thing I’ve ever heard.  There is a lot to be said on this topic, and I have a lot more feelings about it than I can articulate here. A lot of people seem to think that stricter gun laws won’t make a difference. Maybe they won’t – but to do absolutely nothing to try to change something in the wake of an event that is so utterly horrific and incomprehensible…it would be irresponsible and unacceptable.  Maybe these new laws aren’t the end all/be all, but we have to start somewhere.  The freaks who are outraged by the thought of regulating guns just truly baffle me. They are likely the same people who say that Obama is a “socialist,” said as a dirty word, like he is a Nazi or a serial murderer/rapist.  These people will seemingly not be happy until they are running around an every-man-for-himself wasteland, with no government, where they can wave their guns around as a badge of their “freedom” or whatever skewed way they think of it.  I always try to see the other side of an argument, but this is one I will continue to struggle with.
  • It’s cold in California:  When I am talking to friends or family back home, and I say it is cold out, my comments are generally met with resounding disdain, and a response something like, “How cold is “cold?”  And then I have to admit that “cold” here means 40 or 50 degrees, and my New England brethren laugh in my face. Generally deservedly so.  After one winter in LA, my blood thinned considerably. I’ve always hated those long winter months, but now I truly can’t stand them. Going home in the winter is no fun at all.  Plus, I’m older and have a mild case of lupus, so the cold makes my joints hurt. No lie.  During this week, Southern California experienced some unusually cold weather (Jimmy Kimmel did a brilliant job of making fun of the reactions to the cold weather here).  The daytime highs were in the 50s, which most people outside of California think is warm. But this is a desert climate, which I swear makes a difference. There’s no humidity. So when the sun goes down, or you’re in the shade, and the wind blows, it is seriously very chilly. You need a heavy sweater or jacket.  A few mornings when we woke up at 6 to go to the gym, it was in the low 30s. Which is literally freezing.  In fact, the sprinklers go off on our front lawn very early, and where the water had run onto the driveway, it was ice. Ice, ladies and gentlemen, in Los Angeles.  So, laugh it up, the rest of America where it is routinely in the teens all winter, and where 50 degrees means you’re barbequing in shorts and t-shirts.  You acclimate to the climate you live in, so when you are used to 80 degrees, 50 degrees feels very cold (think of the difference between 50 and 20 degrees).  Also, when it is literally freezing out – you have to stop picking on us a little bit. We don’t own clothing warm enough to deal with that.
  • Manti Te’o:   What?!  I can’t stop reading about this story. It is fascinating.  If it was a hoax he was in on, then that is pretty twisted. If he was also the victim, as he claims, and was duped into believing this girl existed, then that is also very twisted but somehow almost more disturbing. How many head injuries has he had? How stupid can you be?  There are disputing stories about him and the fake girlfriend actually meeting in person, which obviously cannot be true. So he was madly in love with someone he had never even met face to face? Who was he talking to on the phone the whole time when they had these supposedly long phone conversations?  It is very hard to believe that he didn’t know what was happening because it seems like, in the history of humanity, there are few people who would be that dumb. This is a humanity that includes the Kardashian family, so this is really disconcerting.
  • Adverbs: Does anyone besides me care about adverbs?  Adverbs are to verbs what adjectives are to nouns.  In that, they are the descriptive words.  For the most part, adverbs end with “ly.”  In fact, many words can be turned into adverbs just by adding the “ly” – how easy is that?! For example, You can say someone or something is lazy, or you can say they did something lazily – see?  This morning I was driving back from the gym and was listening to the radio, and there was an ad for some auto place.  And they said, “Come and see us to ensure your engine runs smooth.”  And I cringed.  The engine should run “smoothly” because they’re describing how it would run, which is the verb of the sentence.  It occurred to me then how often I hear adjectives used when adverbs would be correct, and it made me sad that no one seems to care anymore.  Perhaps because I was taught this by nuns who were very, very mean, I care about this immensely. I am physically unable to say “I am doing good.”  It’s “I am doing well.”  Not be confused with “I am good,” which is actually correct, because the verb “to be” in all its incarnations has its own rules. Something about nominative vs. subjective cases or something like that? Sister Ann Francis is rolling in her grave.

That’s all I have for today, kids, as we roll into the later part of a Friday afternoon (at least here on the West coast, where it is finally returning to normal temperatures) of a long weekend.  The next post will be a real one, with a coherent start and finish and will all be about one subject. Suggestions welcome.


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