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More on Vanity Plates

I was going about town running some errands yesterday when I noticed one of the stupider vanity plates I’ve seen in a while.

On a side note, I just want to acknowledge that yes, I am especially tuned into other people’s license plates when I am driving.  I didn’t realize the extent of that until my boyfriend and I started a game recently, similar to “Punch Buggy,” where you get to punch the other person  if you see an out of state license plate. Since we live in California and no one is from here, sometimes it seems like there are  more out-of-state plates than California plates.  From the moment we started playing this game, I realized that I am better at this than I am at anything else in life. This is not to say that this is one of many things at which I excel, it’s just that I’m not really good at a lot of things, so it is surprising  how good I am at this game.  I wish we were keeping score so I could gloat.  I think this attunement to license plates is a trait I share with autistic children.

 Anyway, the plate I saw today was on a red Prius, and it said “RD PRIUS.”  What an asshole. Don’t you have to pay the DMV extra for one of these plates?  I generally think it’s a silly way to spend your money, but if you’re going to bother, shouldn’t you at least choose something that is personal and unique to you?  Everyone is aware that you’re driving a red Prius, and reinforcing the fact in your license plate just makes you look like a moron.


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