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1).  I love dialogue.  In movies (and in real-life) pretty much all I’m looking for is erudite conversation.  When I write, all the notes come back “Great dialogue.  Meh, everything else”.  I love dialogue.  But the first ten minutes of this movie was so rich and so dense with two people talking that even I found myself thinking that if it continued like this for two hours my head would explode.  These ten minutes alone should get Sorkin an Oscar.

2).  Five years ago if I asked you who’s career you would rather have Michael Cera’s or Jesse Eisenberg’s, I would imagine that no one would pick the latter.  Both cut from the same stammering nebbish cloth, Eisenberg seemed like the guy studios went to when they couldn’t get Cera.  Now I would have to say that Eisenberg is on the verge of the A-list while Cera is dangerously close to a lifetime of playing GeorgeMichael Bluth.   Plus “Zombieland” was the bomb!

3).  Does anyone else think that casting a single actor to play the Winklevoss twins seems like a bit of tying-one’s-hand-behind-one’s-back on Fincher’s part?  Really, there were no actual twins who could have played those roles?  You had to “Benjamin Button” one guy to get the effect wanted?  I mean, it worked but it smacked of the kind of thing a director would do strictly to impress his peers.

4).  Casting Justin Timberlake as  a “douche-bag” is reverse casting at it’s peak.  For the record, I loooove JT.  It is my contention that he is the greatest talent in America today.  In former times (before A-listers could (almost) exclusively be movie-stars) he would have been Dean Martin.  He kills on SNL.  He kills on his albums.  He can sing and dance, he’s hilarious, he’s good looking, he dates the hottest women in the world.  I can totally see why the Zuckerberg character was seduced by him in the movie.  What was really difficult was seeing past awesome Timberlake to the character he was playing and realize that maybe everything he was saying wasn’t the awesome-est thing ever.  Hard to level with what we know to be true…that Timberlake is awesome!

5).  I am not on the Facebook but I do appreciate how they are willing to alphabetize all the girls from high school that I wanted to bang.

6).  Were I the real Mark Zuckerberg, I would contact the boys over at “Funny or Die” and put together a little short wherein I portray Jesse Eisenberg portraying me as if I have a low form of Asperger’s Syndrom.  Well, I guess that is one of the things I would do were I Mark Zuckerberg.  I guess the first thing I would do would try to put a dent in the list referenced in #5.

7).  The movie is really good you should go see it.


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