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I have been very busy at work lately. So busy that all my creative energy has been tapped and I have not written a new entry in quite some time.  So busy that between 9 AM on Monday and 6 PM on Friday I think of little else besides my job.  So busy that today I had the genius idea to answer the phone while simultaneously licking the envelope to my Mom’s birthday card.  This caused me a large paper cut on the side of my upper lip.  It hurts a lot, not least of all because pretty much everything I have done today has aggravated it. Laughing, smiling, talking, eating salad with balsamic vinaigrette, and eating salted Smokehouse almonds (this actually makes it sound like all I did all day was feel happy and eat, which I assure you was not the case).  I’m wondering how it will ever heal since I cannot very well put Neosporin or a band-aid on my mouth and it seems destined to keep stretching (eew).

Of course, this got me to thinking: exactly how much time did I save by answering the phone while licking an envelope?  .00428 seconds?  Is that worth the eternal pain of mouth trauma?  Let this be a reminder to all of us that it’s ok  – if not preferable – to slow it down every once in a while.  Next week I will probably not even remember what I worked on today, but it is likely that my lip will still hurt.


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After 16 days of sweeping and whatever else goes on at the quad-annual snore-fest that Americans have to pretend they care about, This is the best story to come out of the Olympics, perhaps ever:

(from Boston.com)

Was a 5-year-old kid the inspiration behind the U.S. men’s hockey team’s shocking win over Team Canada yesterday?

YouTube sensation Josh Sacco, the Tennessee native who delivers the Herb Brooks speech from the movie “Miracle,” in a popular online video, reprised the speech for the American players during a team dinner Saturday night in Vancouver. How cool is that?

Sacco’s clip has been viewed more than two million times since hitting YouTube last year. He even appeared on the “Ellen” show last fall. Now, he may have even tipped the scales in the Olympic hockey tournament.

Watch the video, it’s awesome.

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I just saw this article about Wes Bentley and thought it was worth sharing.  I can remember seeing Spacey on “Charlie Rose” when the American Beauty wave was cresting and I recall him saying something to the effect that what he and Annette Benning et al get out of this movie are awards, but what Wes Bentley gets is that he gets to work for the rest of his life.

It kind of stuck with me because it is a kind of peculiar thing to have said.  There are a million teens who give a strong performance or two then fall away to obscurity (such obscurity that I can’t summon an example right now).  Plus, Hollywood is so fickle that there is little rhyme or reason as to why one actor is a star while another can’t find work.  Then there is the trick of actually finding projects that end up as good on celluloid as they seem on paper.

That’s without even mentioning what actually befell Mr. Bentley, which is probably one of a million land-mines that need to be side-stepped when one is young, rich and famous (I wouldn’t know.  I’m none of those things now and have only been one of them ever (young)).

Hopefully Mr. Bentley is on the right path now because his performance in American Beauty (simultaneously cool and passionate) was one of those things that made you feel like your heart couldn’t take it and it was just going to cave in.

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