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“I privately say to you, old friend (unto you, really, I’m afraid), please accept from me this unpretentious bouquet of early-blooming parentheses: (((()))).  I suppose, most unflorally, I truly mean them to be taken, first off, as bowlegged–buckle-legged–omens of my state of mind and body at this writing.”


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Two artisans who’s work I respect, nay, treasure are the title of this post.  The reason they are so linked is not my doing but hers.  So far this season ’30 Rock’ (easily the best show on TV now and possibly the best show on TV ever) has made two passing jokes about the former Celtic legend.

Initially, in the episode where Tracey is diagnosed with (this is really hard to say) diabetes he reacts by claiming that the disease is a “white person’s myth, like Denver or Larry Bird”.  

Then this week, in what was seemingly an episode made exclusively for me and the rest of the guys named Sean living in the 617, Jack gets a text from his Boston-born love interest showing “the female Larry Bird” holding hands with someone.

Now these two instances don’t necessarily establish a pattern…until you watch ‘Parks and Recreation’ which I typically don’t.  Except last week.  And there it was, behind Amy Poehler’s desk: a picture of Larry Bird.

What gives?  Needless to say, it would not be difficult for me to link Poehler and Fey into some sort of comedic axis of hilarity and thereby connect the two in Bird-joking collusion.  But the burning question is: why?  

(The case of Ms. Poehler is more understandable given that she grew up ten minutes outside of Larry Bird’s Boston in those halcyon days)

Bird retired from basketball in 1992, meaning that he hasn’t been on the national  stage since I was in high school.  So this is analogous to an extremely topical show doing more than one joke about “Right Said Fred”.  Or referencing an episode of ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’ twice.  Or…you get the point and my wife just told me to put my yearbook away.

I guess my point is not that I’m upset about this (only one of the three Bird-mentions are derogatory) just that I think it is odd that Larry Bird have become such a comedic touchstone at this time and this place.  I am left wondering how (is Tina Fey writing these jokes herself?) and why?

Any help?

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My New Favorite Movie

Apparently, I like foreign films. I say “apparently” because every now and then something like that will sneak up on you and surprise you. I was equally shocked to learn that I like folk music.  It’s just that I never really stopped to think about this collectively and consider the possibility that I would love a genre of anything that in my youth I would find laughable.

I use this as a prelude to tell you about my new favorite film – or at least the film that has the most lasting impression on me of anything I’ve seen in quite a while.  It is a Swedish film that came out in 2008 called Let the Right One In (I’m a bit behind on Netflix movies).  The film was so well received critically that American filmmakers have decided to ruin by recreating it stateside, to be released this year or next.

As stated elsewhere on this blog, I will not be tedious and write a review.  But it’s worth checking out – the plot centers around a lonely twelve-year-old boy who is the victim of bullies at school and the friendship/romance he strikes up with a girl who moves into his apartment complex who is just a little bit off…because she’s a vampire.  It sounds strange, and it’s not really a horror/vampire movie, although it does have some great moments of suspense. Really, it’s just a sweet and touching story of two lonely kids who find comfort and love in each other.  The end choked me up in a way I would not have anticipated.

Anyway, if this sounds even remotely up your alley, check it out. Although, I recommend seeing if you can watch it in Swedish with subtitles. For some reason, the copy I had was dubbed into English, which is always a little bit off-putting, and you definitely lose something from the film’s original actors that way.

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Just a note on something I find irksome.  In the previous entry, I used the word “fortuitous.”  When you use the spell check function in WordPress, like Microsoft Word, it will also pick up on grammar issues with a green line. Today there was a blue line under the word “fortuitous.” When I clicked on it, the pop-up said “Complex Expression” and suggested I replace it with the word “lucky.”

I am appalled by this. Who cares if people reading this don’t know what a word means – shouldn’t that incite them to look it up, thus adding a new word to their vocabulary?  Or are we supposed to have a stagnant amount of words at our disposal for the rest of our lives?  I would think that a website dedicated to giving service to writers would actually encourage complex language.  Step it up, WordPress, and don’t suggest we dumb it down. Maybe everyone else just needs to smarten up.

PS: Just as I spell-checked this entry before publishing, it picked up on the word “previous” and suggested I use “earlier” instead. Come on!!

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Right before Christmas, I received notice from American Airlines that my paltry amount of airline miles was about to expire (I’m a Jet Blue woman, really), but I could trade in some miles for magazine subscriptions. This was especially fortuitous since I’d been meaning to sign up for a subscription to Entertainment Weekly ever since I’d lost access to that magazine in my divorce. I’d become especially fond of it over the last few years and have been feeling a little lost without it.  But after signing up for my EW subscription, I still had miles to spend with limited choices (I mostly avoid women’s beauty magazines because I subscribe to the same philosophy that was mentioned in that “Sunscreen” viral email that went around in the mid-90s: “Don’t read beauty magazines; they will only make you feel ugly.”).  I decided it was about time to start getting in the loop on what was happening in the world by getting a subscription to The Economist.  My partner in blog crime and I had a chuckle about this over the holidays, but truly, my choice was in earnest.  My inclinations news-wise are to keep up with what is happening in entertainment and pop culture, but lots of times I feel guilty about this and like a typical stupid American for not having a better sense of what’s going on with the rest of the planet.  

Last Friday my first issues of each publication arrived. I can pretty much blow through EW in a day or two.  The Economist is another story. The type is tiny!! And the word to picture ratio is way higher than most magazines I’m used to reading.  My routine this past week has been to come home from work, watch some TV, and read The Economist before bed.  I have not made it very far. In fact, as of Friday, I was on page 33 out of 80-something.  And then a new one arrived!! Now I’m feeling really overwhelmed and am wondering, how am I supposed to have time to read this?  Should I start leaving work early?  I really do want to be better informed about world politics, business and economics but I’m just not sure if I can find the time.  There’s lots of stuff on TV I need to watch.

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I guess you can die of boredom

Who knew?


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Give me ten men like “The Situation” and I’ll take over the world.  

Like many of you (and by many, I mean all) I have recently gotten swept up in the cultural tsunami that is Jersey Shore.  Oddly this is the first MTV show since “Remote Control” that doesn’t turn my stomach to watch.  I never watched “The Real World” or “The Hills” or any of those but for some reason I cannot look away from this epic masterpiece.  It would be easy to chalk this up to my progressively getting stupider, which I am, but I’m not sure.

Alot of people deride the show (and with alot of good reason) but I’m here to do the opposite.  Has anyone else noticed that “The Situation”‘s purity of effort and focus on his goal can be corrupted by nothing?  “The Situation” is there for one reason, i.e., to get girls and there is absolutely nothing that happens that is going to distract him from this.

Snickers gets punched in the face; “The Situation” is creeping.  Ronnie gets arrested, “The Situation” is creeping.  JWoww pukes in the club, sorry, “The Situation” is creeping.  I’d like to image him in front of a burning building flashing his abs at every woman running out.

Have you ever heard somebody say that they could, like, play Major League Baseball or be a  singer or something like that?  And you think to yourself that they’re discounting the type of commitment and sacrifice it takes to reach that level in any field.  “The Situation” has that kind of commitment and he is willing to sacrifice just about anything else in it’s pursuit.  These are the people who’s will shape our world.   Some people pay their passion with sweat and tears others in hair gel and body tanner.

He is truly an inspiration.  Or he should be.

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