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Shit Happens

Quite literally, it would seem. Today marks the second occasion on which I have been shat upon by a bird.  For the record, I DETEST birds (I was followed around the Bird House at the Stone Zoo by a hostile peacock at the tender age of 4; it has stayed with me), so the fact that they poop every 10 minutes does not help their cause in gaining my esteem.  And, since said pooping has now taken place twice on my person, it is really just reason to continue my hate crusade against our fine feathered friends.


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New Theme?

Yes, you are on the right page. I’m trying out a new design theme.  If you have an opinion, let me know.  I like that it’s brighter, but then maybe not.  I’m a pretty dark individual.

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Ok, so here it is – the mother of all confessions.  I actually like sci-fi.  Not the truly geeky things (you’ll never see me at any type of convention dressed in any sort of costume, thank you very much), but I totally dig the more mainstream stuff.  This is 100% my husband’s fault.

It  is why our TV is often left on the (newly renamed) SyFy channel.  Which is also why last night at 1 AM, after an evening out in which I’d consumed about five girly martinis, I turned on the TV and encountered what has to be one of the most ridiculous movies ever produced. It was called Haunted Prison and from what I could tell, was about two groups of people who meet up in a deserted, haunted prison and start dying in ridiculous, gruesome ways.  It was so unbelievably horrible and incredibad, I could not look away.  I also learned that Jake Busey = worst. actor. ever.

Anyway, if you ever need a laugh, watch a SyFy made-for-TV movie.  They are awesomely terrible.

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Not long ago I read an article about people’s biggest driving pet peeves.  One of the big ones was people who don’t know how to merge when getting on the freeway.  As we all learned in driving school, it is the merging car’s responsibility to enter the flow of traffic without killing anyone or causing an accident.

This is impossible to do when people ride in the right lane for no apparent reason, and also seem to think it’s some sort of game at which they lose if they allow you to merge.  So, the merging car either has to slow down to make it work (which is bad news for future accelerations if you are in an older car such as mine), or push the RPMs to 4 or 5 just to make it in there alive.  Which could all be avoided if people got the hell out of the right line.  Unless you’re exiting the freeway soon, there’s really no need to be there.

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I have loved the Trashcan Sinatras since about 1990 when their first album Cake was released.  You have probably not ever heard of them, and you are surely not alone.  They are an indie pop band from somewhere near Glasgow, Scotland and their music is wonderful.  Sweet, melodic, poignant – at least I think it is. Sometimes it’s hard to understand through the accents.  Their clever plays on words are always fun, at the very least.  If you are a true music fan, you will be lucky to encounter an artist at some point in your life who (for lack of a better phrase) truly speaks to you.  These guys are it for me.

They have just released a fifth studio album, In the Music.  I am waiting patiently for mine to arrive because, as I just learned,  I am one of the lucky first 250 purchasers who will have my CD signed by the band!  This is sheer nirvana for a super fan such as myself, but I’m trying to keep it together so as not to out myself as the geek that I am.  Also, for the first time since a free concert at the Hatch Shell in 1993 (courtesy of WFNX), I will be seeing them live next Wednesday at the Troubadour.  Needless to say, I’m pretty much beside myself.

In the spirit of my elation of the news that I will receive a signed CD, as well as my excitement about their upcoming show, I am making a list of my favorite TCS songs – in case you’re ever compelled to check them out.  And not to be bossy, but you really should.

Thrupenny Tears – Cake
Obscurity Knocks – Cake
Orange Fell – I’ve Seen Everything
I’m Immortal – I’ve Seen Everything
Send For Henny – I’ve Seen Everything
Earlies – I’ve Seen Everything
The Therapist – A Happy Pocket
The Genius I Was – A Happy Pocket
A Drunken Chorus – Fez (Live)
All the Dark Horses – Weightlifting
Got Carried Away – Weightlifting

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Does anyone else find it upsetting that the format of Oldies radio stations have started including 80’s music?  I was at the dentist this morning, where they generally keep the local Oldies station pumped over the speakers, and heard Hall & Oats’ “I Can’t Go For That”.   What?!

Growing up, my parents constantly listened to Oldies 103.  It is why I know several songs from the 50s and 60s by heart, which makes me hopelessly uncool.  I’ll even venture to say that, from time to time, they would even play a song from the 40s.  But, as time goes by and demographics shift (i.e., the old people start dying off), the format of these stations needs to change or they would become irrelevant. I first noticed this a few years ago when my Dad asked for the Time/Life CD compilation “Malt Shop Memories” for Christmas. He said it had all the songs he loved from his childhood – songs they had stopped playing on the radio.  Like a sucker, I bought this for him and was harassed by Time/Life for almost a full year afterwards.

Anyway, hearing Hall & Oates this morning made me realize that back in the 80s, when my parents were listening to songs from the 50s, they were the same age that I am now.  My fellow Gen-Xers, the Oldies are now for us. This day was inevitable.  But it still makes me feel old.

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